Photoshoot Terms and Conditions

The following rules have been created based on experience and frequently asked questions to facilitate communication and establish a pleasant working relationship between You (later referred to as “the Client”) and me (later referred to as “the Photographer”).

1. This document represents a set of rules that the Client is obliged to read before participating in the photoshoot.
Participation in the photoshoot implies acceptance of the rules. Failure to read the rules does not exempt the Client from complying with them.

2. Upon agreeing on the date of the session, the Client has 3 business days to make a deposit of 30 CHF to the specified account number to confirm the reservation.
Failure to make the payment will result in the annulment of the reservation.

3. Payment for a photoshoot can be carried out via bank transfer or in cash on the day of the photoshoot at the latest.

4. Clients interested in a photoshoot must provide their full name, email address, and phone number to enable contact regarding the photoshoot and its execution.
The data provided to the Photographer is processed solely within the scope of the service provided.

5. Rescheduling of the photoshoot can take place in exceptional circumstances (e.g., illness) for both parties.
The Client is obliged to inform the Photographer of the situation before the planned photoshoot.
In case of bad weather (storm, rain, strong wind), we will reschedule the session at your convenience. The decision to reschedule will be made on the day of the agreed photoshoot, as weather forecasts often prove inaccurate.

6. If the Client fails to appear at the photoshoot without prior notification to the Photographer, the deposit paid will be lost.

7. The Client receives only edited photos. The Photographer does not provide or sell RAW files.

8. The Client accepts to respect the Photographer’s personal copyright, and any changes to the photographs or their individual elements require the Photographer’s consent.

9. By reserving a spot in the photoshoot, the Client declares full agreement and acceptance of the Photographer’s work, including the style of photography, post-production process, aesthetic sense, and portfolio presentation.
Any complaints based on the above aspects will be rejected, so please review my portfolio carefully.

10. The Client is not allowed to transfer photos to third parties for commercial purposes or profit without the Photographer’s consent.

11. The Photographer provides the Client with unedited photos with watermarks for selection in private, password protected online gallery.
The time to prepare the “selection gallery” is 3 business days from the photoshoot date.

12. The Client should choose photos for editing within 7 days (1 week) from the date the “selection gallery” is provided.
Failure to select photos within the specified period will extend the processing time.

13. The Client will receive exactly the number of photos included in the chosen package.
Additional pictures beyond the package can be purchased according to the price list.

14. The waiting time for edited online and printed photos is up to 4 weeks from the moment the Client selects the photos. Once the photos are ready, Client will receive an email with a link to the private password protected online photo gallery. You can then view, download, and share your pictures with others. Private online photo gallery is accessible for 2 months, after which it is permanantly deleted.

The Photographer reserves the right to extend this deadline for random reasons, such as illness, vacation, or a busy photography season. However, every effort will be made to deliver the photos as soon as possible.

15. The Photographer retains unselected photos on the hard drive until the delivery of the final photos, which includes order fulfillment.
After completing the order, the unedited photos are permanently deleted from the hard drive.
The edited photos are kept by the Photographer for a period of 2 months, after which they are permanently deleted.

Please remember that the above guidelines are driven by the desire to experience a wonderful time together, without misunderstandings.

You are important to me, thanks to you, I can grow and create wonderful photos for you. Each photoshoot is special to me and you can be sure that I will dedicate my whole heart and commitment to it. See you soon!