How to prepare for the Photoshoot

The most beautiful aspect of the photoshoot is natural look, time spent together, fun, family cuddles, and closeness.
During the photoshoot, I focus entirely on You and Your emotions. Be it Your home, where You spend time every day, or Your favorite places for walks.
These create the perfect addition to Your family’s story. Be natural, be yourself. It always looks best in photos.

What’s Your favorite activity when You spend time together? The photoshoot is also Your time. We can capture such activities in photos, whether it’s reading a favorite book, singing favorite songs, telling stories, having a picnic, or playing games.

Clothing is important, but Your emotions come first. Wear something comfortable and in which You feel good.
Neutral colors work well: white, black, gray, and pastel shades like beige, brown, pink, and light blue.
For women, jeans, flowing dresses with floral patterns, and white t-shirts work well. Outdoors, a wreath or denim jacket can be a nice touch.
For men, fabric or denim pants, plain t-shirts, and shirts rolled up to the elbows are suitable.
For little ones and older children plain bodysuits and clothes in the mentioned colors. What to avoid: bright colors, striped clothing, dots, graphics, or images on clothes, and combining more than 3 colors at once.
I’d be happy to help You choose outfits on the spot if You’re unsure!

Regarding makeup and hairstyle, I highly value natural look, as it always looks great in photos.
A natural, subtle makeup is best. I would avoid evening makeup, but if You like bold makeup, there’s no problem.
Choose makeup in which You feel the most comfortable.
It’s also essential to take care of Your nails and match their color to Your outfit for a cohesive look.

For lifestyle photoshoots at home, it’s a good idea to prepare neutral-colored bedding: white, gray, pastel, or with a delicate motif.
Blankets, pillows, and dreamcatchers are always good additions.

If You have more questions about the photoshoot, feel free to reach out! I’ll be happy to answer Your questions 🙂